In real time Specto-XT luminaires communicate the health status and routine test results to the Specto-XT Gateway and are uploaded onto the website.

This avoids the need for supplementary data cabling which is required for most Emergency Lighting monitoring systems. Specto-XT luminaires are wired the same as on any conventional emergency lighting installation.

Using a mesh networking principle luminaires can be commissioned using a hand held IR programming device set. Future extra requirements or changes in Emergency strategy can be added to the network quickly and simply.

The network operates at a frequency of 868/922 MHz segregating it from other wireless activity and with <1% data exchange rates the system is inert for the majority of the time.

Test regimes and other user defined parameters can be programmed via the website and downloaded to the Gateway.

The web portal retains historic records (determined by local standards) and is displayed in graphical form and along with site documentation are accessible by client authorised users.

Up to 500 luminaires can communicate with a Gateway.

The full range of Philip Payne Products is available with Specto-XT functionality.

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Specto-XT Communication
  • ✓ Fully Automated Emergency Lighting testing ensuring legal compliance.
  • ✓ Eliminates labour intensive routine testing.
  • ✓ Eliminates dependence on complex data cabled interfaces.
  • ✓ Eliminates integrated Building Management Systems.
  • ✓ Easy upgrade to fully compliant site.
  • ✓ Simple point to point luminaire replacement.
  • ✓ Eliminates data cabling for monitoring.
  • ✓ Client controlled access to website.
  • ✓ Test records and site information maintained in cloud.
  • ✓ Viewable on your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.


Building Address Icon

Building Address

Identifies devices that are within the same system and forms the boundary for the wireless mesh network to prevent adjacent buildings communicating.

Group Address

Group Address

All luminaires with the same building address and the same group address will work together. Up to 254 different zones can be created in one building.

Device Address

Device Address

To provide unique identification, individual luminaires within each group can be given an address.


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The Evolution

Philip Payne has a long and proud history of simplifying compliance to emergency standards for its clients and our systems have evolved with advances in technology.


Evolution 2005

SPECTO was conceived when it first became possible for emergency luminaire to routinely self test in line with EN62034.


Evolution 2005

SPECTOLINK made it possible to join self testing emergency products together over different floors and report faults to a single “control” location such as a facility management office with no manual intervention.


Evolution 2005

SPECTOWEB permitted groups of up 64 luminaires using the DALi protocol to communicate to a central controller which could then upload results to a web server.


Evolution 2005

SPECTO-XT via a wireless mesh and a simple gateway requires no wiring and no central control device and is not governed or constrained by DALi grouping restrictions.


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