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Rochester Cathedral

Rochester Cathedral

United Kingdom

Philip Payne luminaires have recently been installed at the beautiful Rochester Cathedral. The cathedral has been a place of Christian worship since AD604 and is located in the heart of Rochester on the banks of the River Medway. The Uni and 2Ni were chosen for the interior of the cathedral due to their enviable lumen performance. Available with two beam options the luminaires combine emergency flood capability with an aesthetic that is ideal for large open spaces where more conventional methods of emergency lighting are not practical.

In addition, Specto-XT automatically controls the emergency lighting test regime, monitoring the status of each luminaire and reporting daily to the Specto-XT website. The emergency luminaires test according to the schedule specified in BS EN 62034:2012 and display current status via a bi-colour LED. The website allows users to view current status information as well as full historic data when required.


  • Museum & Arts