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Our range of luminaires is designed, manufactured and distributed by Philip Payne, a subsidiary of the FW Thorpe Plc group. FW Thorpe is listed on the London Stock Exchange. See the corporate website at

Philip Payne has been manufacturing continuously in the UK since 1968.

In 2018-19, the revenue of FW Thorpe Plc was £110m, of which £4m was generated by Philip Payne luminaires and systems.

The Philip Payne product warranty offered to customers covers a period of 5 years, with no get-out clauses concerning the number of burning hours or maintenance requirements, and no convoluted registration process.

This warranty is enhanced by the
following key factors:

FW Thorpe has a robust balance sheet, with net assets in excess of £100m (2019)

More than £50m in cash reserves provide the ability for Philip Payne to support any future warranty liabilities

FW Thorpe has a stable ownership structure, with over 60% of the business owned by founding family members and management

FW Thorpe investment in product research and development is continual – £1.8m invested per annum

Critical components are supplied by market-leading global suppliers

We have a dedicated team of local sales engineers who are able to respond to any customer issues quickly and effectively

made in the UK

Products are manufactured in the UK therefore spares are readily available

As Philip Payne is a listed company, stringent conditions require it to be fully audited by a third party. In recent years this has been PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), one of the top four audit and advisory firms globally. Auditors of listed companies follow rigorous international guidelines, ensuring that the financial details such companies publish (such as those above) are accurate and can be relied upon.

Philip Payne must prove that it will be able to pay any claims made according to its warranty conditions during the warranty period. Provision is made in each year’s accounts, effectively putting aside profit from current orders for use in the future if required.

This is a key aspect of being a listed company that other smaller businesses are not required, and maybe not capable, of doing. Philip Payne customers should be reassured that a Philip Payne warranty means something: at Philip Payne, we are capable of meeting our obligations.

Some other companies offer long warranties but do not have the financial assets to withstand a sizeable warranty claim. Philip Payne encourages customers to consider this scenario when purchasing other companies’ products with extended warranty offers.

Mike Allcock

Chairman and Joint Chief Executive
FW Thorpe Plc.

David Taylor

Managing Director
Philip Payne

Group Executive Director
F.W.Thorpe Plc

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