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The 250MCRV Mini Cylinder can be ceiling mounted with self-contained or central battery backup for the LED light-source.

The Ceiling mounted product has a short drop designed for conventional ceilings although factory adaptations are available to extend these to client requirements. In ornate high ceiling environments with the correct finish applied, this allows what becomes an unobtrusive item to be suspended into view to permit safe egress in an emergency situation. With the addition of a rotated graphic the standard ceiling product can be turned through 90° to create a flag mount sign. This is particularly useful in high ceiling corridors or concourses where ceiling mounting can be challenging and where the evacuation plan can be complicated.

  • Voltage
    • 230v
  • IP
    • 20
  • Weight
    • 1.5kg
  • Gear Options
    • 230v Central Supply
    • 3hr Non-Maintained
    • 3hr Maintained
    • 3hr Self Test
    • 3hr DALI
    • 3hr Specto-XT
  • Legends Please contact the sales office for other legend formats
  • Available Finish
    • Satin Chrome

    • Polished Chrome

    • Polished Brass

    • Antique Brass

    • RAL 9010

    • RAL 9006

    • RAL 9005

    • Penny Bronze


  • Conformité Européene

  • UKCA

  • Maintained

  • Non Maintained

  • LED

  • Self Test

  • IP 20

  • DALi

  • Viewing Distance 26M

  • Weight 1.5kg

  • Double Sided

  • CDA

  • BSI Kitemark

  • Impact Rating 7

  • 001-002

    ICEL Endorsed

Part Numbers

  • 250MCRVLA 230v AC/DC Central Supply
  • 250MCRVLE 230v AC Central Supply (UAE only)
  • 250MCRVDA 230v AC/DC Central Supply DALI
  • 250MCRVLM 3hr Self Contained Maintained
  • 250MCRVYL 3hr Self Contained Self Test
  • 250MCRVDL 3hr Self Contained DALI
  • 250MCRVXT 3hr Self Contained Specto-XT


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  • Data Sheet

    250MCRV Data Sheet
    191.09 KB | pdf

  • Legend Sheet

    250MCRV Legend Sheet
    193.38 KB | pdf

  • Revit Files

    250MCRV Revit Files
    2.03 MB | zip

  • Installation Sheet

    250MCRV Powder Coat Installation Leaflet
    1.68 MB | pdf

  • Installation Sheet

    250MCRV Brass Installation Leaflet
    2.05 MB | pdf

  • ICEL Endorsement

    Mini Cylinder ICEL Endorsement Certificate
    194.01 KB | pdf

  • Kitemark Certificate

    Luminaire Kitemark Certificate
    832.76 KB | pdf