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Philip Payne offers a wide choice of clinical signage for single, twin and even three staged messaging. The range has evolved from various health authority and radiation protection requirements. In recent times the range has been updated to take advantage of the quick strike times and long life of LEDs.


Due to rapid on/off switching cycles required by some medical diagnostic equipment, we recommend the use of our additional delay off timer.

This avoids generation of high in-rush currents that may harm control relays.

Please contact our Technical Department for further advice.

Incandescent options are still available to order.

    • 230V AC
    • 24V DC
  • IP
    • 20
    • 1.0kg
  • Available Finish
    • RAL 9016


  • Conformité Européene

  • UKCA

  • LED

  • IP 20

  • Weight 1kg

Part Numbers

  • 2615SL 365x90x65mm Single Section
  • 2618SL 365x90x90mm Single Section
  • 2618FL 352x105x8mm, Back Box: 338x90x65mm Single Section
  • 2850SL 270x154x73mm Twin Section
  • 2850FL 302x185x8mm, Back Box: 268x150x60mm Twin Section
  • 2874SL 326x194x73mm Twin Section
  • 2874SLL 326x194x73mm, With Side Lights Twin Section
  • 2874FL 346x216x8mm, Back Box: 324x190x60mm Twin Section
  • 2879SL 180x240x60mm Twin Section
  • 2879FL 270x200x7mm, Back Box: 236x180x64mm Twin Section
  • 2940SL 326x254x73mm Three Section
  • 2940FL 345x276x8mm, Back Box: 326x250x60mm Three Section


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  • Data Sheet

    2000 Range Data Sheet
    627.44 KB | pdf

  • Legend Sheet

    2000 Range Legend Sheets
    1.35 MB | pdf

  • Revit Files

    2000 Revit Files
    8.72 MB | zip

  • Installation Sheets

    2000 Installation Sheets
    1.41 MB | pdf