The 250CM can be fixed directly to the ceiling or suspended using a versatile rod suspension kit.

Payne have always favoured rods over the more commonly used chain suspension method as this provides superior rigidity and appearance. All rod kits are colour coordinated with the CM covers which are available in all Payne finishes. The standard rod kit comes with 12.5mm rods through which mains cables are fed directly into the sign. Batteries if not centrally located are housed inside the CM enclosure.

  • Voltage
    • 230v
  • IP
    • 20
  • Weight
    • 1.5kg
  • Gear Options
    • 230v Central Supply
    • 3hr Non-Maintained
    • 3hr Maintained
    • 3hr Self Test
    • 3hr DALI
    • 3hr Specto-XT
  • Legends
  • Available Finish
    • Satin Chrome

    • Polished Chrome

    • Polished Brass

    • BMA

    • RAL 9010

    • RAL 9006

    • RAL 9005

    • Penny Bronze


  • Conformité Européene

  • Maintained

  • Non Maintained

  • LED

  • Self Test

  • IP 20

  • DALi

  • Viewing Distance 20M/30M

  • Weight 1.5kg

  • CDA

  • BSI Kitemark

Part Numbers

  • 250CMLA 230v AC/DC Central Supply
  • 250CMLE 230v AC Central Supply
  • 250CMDA 230v AC/DC Central Supply DALI
  • 250CMLM 3hr Self Contained Maintained/ Non-Maintained
  • 250CMYL 3hr Self Contained Self Test
  • 250CMDL 3hr Self Contained DALI
  • 250CMXT 3hr Self Contained Specto-XT
  • 250RSK Rod Suspension Kit Comprising 1 pair of 500mm rods (can be cut to size on site plus ceiling fixing plate & cover)


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  • Data Sheet

    250CM Data Sheet
    260.23 KB | pdf

  • Legend Sheet

    250CM Legend Sheet
    168.36 KB | pdf

  • Revit Files

    250CM Revit Files
    1.46 MB | zip

  • Installation Sheet

    250CM Installation Sheet
    238.02 KB | pdf

  • ICEL Endorsement

    Architectural ICEL Endorsement Certificate
    202.15 KB | pdf