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The Go! Ceiling is compatible with Specto-XT wireless technology.

A compact and functional Class II ceiling mounted exit sign ideal for a wide variety of ceiling mounted applications.
Clear, even illumination with a choice of legends.
Fast-change battery replacement reduces maintenance time and cost.
Three hour, maintained emergency operation.

Product Details

  • 40
  • 25M
  • 1.2Kg
  • NiMH

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Part Numbers | GO! CEILING

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Single Sided

  • See part number table for other legend styles


Specto-XT is a revolutionary wireless emergency lighting control system that allows users to monitor data and complete operational information for all Specto-XT emergency luminaires.

Specto-XT emergency luminaires are self-test by default and have the ability to wirelessly connect to the Specto-XT website via a central Gateway.

Information is displayed on the Specto-XT website which can be accessed from anywhere using a computer, laptop, tablet or smart-phone.

The clear graphical user interface provides an overview of the whole site, through to the performance and operation of an individual luminaire.

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