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City Art Gallery, Manchester

City Art Gallery, Manchester

United Kingdom

Manchester Art Gallery was established in 1823 by artists as an educational institution to ensure that the city and all its people grow with creativity, imagination, health and productivity.

It has been at the centre of city life for nearly 200 years, created as the Royal Manchester Institution for the Promotion of Literature, Science and the Arts and has been part of Manchester City Council since 1882.

Luminaires from the 250 range have been installed throughout the building. The 250DW offers clean architectural lines and its versatility ensures that it remains one of Payne’s best sellers. It can be mounted above the door but the slim profile also makes it possible to mount the product to the side of high feature doors whilst remaining compliant with the statutory mounting height.
Rear or top cable entry provides options where surface conduit is required although the geometry of the product lends itself to concealed cable entry particularly in stairwell mounting situations.


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