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County Mall, Crawley

County Mall, Crawley

United Kingdom

County Mall is a contemporary shopping centre in Crawley featuring over 90 stores, with a kids’ soft-play area and food court.

Luminaires from the 300 range are installed throughout the building. The 300CBV is a ceiling mounted product with a short drop designed for conventional ceilings however factory adaptations are available to extend these to client requirements. In ornate high ceiling environments with the correct finish applied, this allows what becomes an unobtrusive item to be suspended into view to permit safe egress in an emergency situation. With the addition of a rotated graphic the standard ceiling product can be turned through 90° to create a flag mount sign. This is particularly useful in high ceiling corridors or concourses where ceiling mounting can be challenging and where the evacuation plan can be complicated.


  • Hospitality
  • Retail


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