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The CCV with square back box and 50mm/150mm/500mm options provides 3 standard “from ceiling” vertical drops.

Both versions are supplied with a first fix back box along with pre wired plug and socketed arm kits and cover for subsequent installation.

  • Voltage
    • 230v
  • IP
    • 20
  • Weight
    • 1.5kg
  • Gear Options
    • 230v Central Supply
    • 3hr Non-Maintained
    • 3hr Maintained
    • 3hr Self Test
    • 3hr DALI
    • 3hr Specto-XT
  • Legends Please contact the sales office for other legend formats
  • Available Finish
    • Satin Chrome

    • Polished Chrome

    • Polished Brass

    • BMA

    • RAL 9010

    • RAL 9006

    • RAL 9005

    • Penny Bronze


  • Conformité Européene

  • UKCA

  • Maintained

  • Non Maintained

  • LED

  • Self Test

  • IP 20

  • DALi

  • Viewing Distance 20M/30M

  • Weight 1.5kg

  • Double Sided

Part Numbers

  • 300CCV**LA 230v AC/DC Central Supply
  • 300CCV**DA 230v AC/DC Central Supply DALI
  • 300CCV**LM 3hr Self Contained Maintained/Non-Maintained
  • 300CCV**YL 3hr Self Contained Self Test
  • 300CCV**DL 3hr Self Contained DALI
  • 300CCV**XT 3hr Self Contained Specto-XT

** Add in rod length requirement:
50mm/05 length – e.g. 300CCV05LM
150mm/15 length – e.g. 300CCV15LM
500mm/50 length – e.g. 300CCV50LM


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  • Data Sheet

    CCH & CCV Data Sheet
    307.53 KB | pdf

  • Legend Sheet

    300CCV Legend Sheet
    197.47 KB | pdf

  • Revit Files

    300CCV Revit Files
    546.70 KB | zip

  • Installation Sheet

    300CCV Installation Sheet
    993.59 KB | pdf



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