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For years illuminated signs used in radiation and laser protection have used fluorescent and tungsten lamps.

Fluorescent lamps in “continuous use” applications, such as controlling areas, and tungsten lamps for intermittent use, for example when diagnostic equipment is actually in operation.

Whilst these lamps have provided effective solutions technology has moved on and the use of LEDs reduces energy consumption and extends maintenance intervals.

To achieve these benefits, with minimal installation costs, Philip Payne has devised a range of retrofit kits that can be simply installed with minimal operational disruption.

Once installed the retro kits will provide up to 50,000 hours (10 years) of maintenance free illumination and consume a fraction of the energy of previous solutions.

Philip Payne offers a wide choice of clinical signage for single, twin and even three staged messaging. The range has evolved from various health authority and radiation protection requirements. In recent times the range has been updated to take advantage of the quick strike times and long life of LEDs.


Due to rapid on/off switching cycles required by some medical diagnostic equipment, we recommend the use of our additional delay off timer.

This avoids generation of high in-rush currents that may harm control relays.

Please contact our Technical Department for further advice.

    • 230V AC
  • IP
    • 20
    • 1.0kg
  • Available Finish
    • RAL 9016


  • Conformité Européene

  • UKCA

  • LED

  • IP 20

  • Weight 1kg

2000 KIT – Fluorescent replacement

The kit comprises of all required fixings, electronics and the illuminating strip.

Just 5 Simple Steps

  1. Just Isolate the fitting by removing the fuses in the terminal block.
  2. Replacement kits fix over existing lamp clips.
  3. Existing componetry such as lamp holders and starters are simply removed and discarded.
  4. The retro kit plate is screwed onto existing fixings.
  5. Reconnect the LED strip and savings commence.

Part Numbers

  • 2874TLK Fluorescent Replacement Lower & Upper Section


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  • Installation Sheets

    Fluorescent Replacement Installation Leaflet
    354.64 KB | pdf