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The original Philip Payne FC was one of, if not the first slot or ‘blade’ fitting to be made.

But now Philip Payne have adapted one of their bestselling ranges to further augment the architectural and aesthetic appeal of the original FC range.
Subtle mechanical changes and the addition of 25mm “thick blade” that provides a facelift to the ever popular 250FC that ensures this new variant further complements the most modern of designed spaces.

As with all Philip Payne products the 250FB is LED with options for self-contained or central battery and controls for monitored systems. Trim-plates are available in all the Payne finishes.

  • Voltage
    • 230v
  • IP
    • 20
  • Weight
    • 1.5kg
  • Gear Options
    • 230v Central Supply
    • 3hr Non-Maintained
    • 3hr Maintained
    • 3hr Self Test
    • 3hr DALI
    • 3hr Specto-XT
  • Legends Please contact the sales office for other legend formats
  • Available Finish
    • Satin Chrome

    • Polished Chrome

    • Polished Brass

    • Antique Brass

    • RAL 9010

    • RAL 9006

    • RAL 9005

    • Penny Bronze


  • Conformité Européene

  • UKCA

  • Maintained

  • Non Maintained

  • LED

  • Self Test

  • IP 20

  • DALi

  • Viewing Distance 26M

  • Weight 1.5kg

  • Impact Rating 7

Part Numbers

  • 250FBLA 230v AC/DC Central Supply
  • 250FBDA 230v AC/DC Central Supply DALI
  • 250FBLM 3hr Self Contained Maintained/ Non-Maintained
  • 250FBYL 3hr Self Contained Self Test
  • 250FBDL 3hr Self Contained DALI
  • 250FBXT 3hr Self Contained Specto-XT


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  • Data Sheet

    250FB Data Sheet
    232.15 KB | pdf

  • Legend Sheet

    250FB Legend Sheet
    208.75 KB | pdf

  • Revit Files

    250FB Revit Files
    1.35 MB | zip

  • Installation Sheet

    250FB Installation Sheet
    1.83 MB | pdf